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Little By



Little By Little is a collection of short films, all directed by first time directors, that take inspiration from Aesop's fables and the morals within but each with their own unique twist.

Alongside the 5 short films made a behind the scenes documentary was filmed detailing an exclusive look into how all 5 films from 'Little By Little' were made. These short films were conceived, produced and edited by first time filmmaking students over a period of 6 weeks.


Featuring; Ella Babbage, Nima Cas, Orsino Dugan, Roksana Paruzel, Kai Rayton, Kieran Summerly, William Williamson, Rowan Blackford, Peter H Davidson, Sian Gogerly, Kai Smith, Lee Bowers, Chloe Gardiner, Summer Pargeter, Ben Robinson, and Larnaca Simmonds.

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