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Current Opportunities.

There are currently no opportunities at Artistically Curious.

Past Opportunities.




Title:                                      Red Valley - Season 2

Genre:                                  Science Fiction / Dark Comedy

Roles:                                    Pension / Broadband / Gym / Occupational Health

Gender:                                Any gender identity

Ethnicity:                              Any ethnicity

Disability:                       Any ability or disability

Project Length:                  1 Recording session

Recording Location:         Remote only

Recording Date:                Commencing October 2020

Compensation:                  £25 per role



No one at Overhead Industries wants to talk about defunct research station Red Valley, and account man Warren Godby is out of his depth. When he meets Gordon Porlock, a disgruntled archivist with a bag of tapes from the station’s last known occupant,  they will begin a journey to the limits of experimental science, confront horror and trauma from the past, present and future, and try to remember the level select cheat from Sonic the Hedgehog 2.  Take a seat in a battered 1998 Vauxhall Astra, turn on the tape deck, and find out what really happened at Red Valley.

Season 1 of Red Valley was released in March 2020 to critical acclaim and has been downloaded more than 16,000 times in more than 50 countries since its release. Season 2 will expand the story begun in the first season and will be released in 2021.

Listen to Season 1 of Red Valley here;



The 4 roles on offer are supporting roles in a scene with lead character Warren Godby. Each character is a voice on the end of the phone who plays a part in driving Warren to his wit’s end leading to a crucial revelation. The roles are; 

- Pension Advisor

- Broadband

- Gym

- Occupational Health Advisor


We are committed to an inclusive casting policy. This means we seek to cast the best actors for the roles available across all culture groups, ethnicities, sexualities, gender identities and disabilities. This current opportunity is open to anyone over the age of 18 who is on a training course preparing for a career in the performing arts (diploma, undergrad, graduate, or conservatory level). If your final year of training was interrupted due to the global pandemic then we would also like to hear from you. 

Actors are invited to submit their self tape, headshot, resume, and a brief introduction about themselves. Our creative team will review all submissions.


As actors will be recording themselves remotely, access to a recording space free from outside noise and echo is essential and please use the best quality microphone you have access to. Please record your lines in the manner you intend to do should you get a part, as the audition is for your recording setup as well as your voice.


If you have any questions about the audition process or the characters themselves, feel free to email the director Alan Mandel at


When recording your audition:​

  • Record using the best microphone you have access to and the setup you intend to use if selected for the role

  • State your name and the part you are auditioning for at the start of the recording

  • Submit no more than one take of a character's lines

  • Save file as a high quality .mp3 and name it “[Character Name] – [Your Name]”

  • You can have a partner read in Warren's lines but it is not a requirement

When submitting your audition:

  • Email audition recordings to

  • Subject of email should be “Self Tape – [Character Name]”

  • If auditioning for multiple parts, please send recordings for each part in separate emails

  • Please introduce yourself briefly in the body of the email. Feel free to mention any previous experience, where you are training and why you're interested in voice acting

Please send your audition material to by Friday 6th November 2020 at 10am. Applications received after this deadline will not be considered.

We are committed to a Yes/No policy and will get back to everyone who has submitted an audition and confirm whether you have been offered a role.



Artistically Curious is a production company that specialises in vocational training for theatre, film and audio. A holistic approach that invites artists to explore and grow their craft through ambitious projects, industry masterclasses and ongoing mentoring. Through both larger community projects and smaller bespoke training, we at Artistically Curious are always looking for ways to promote new voices and to push the performing arts industry forward. 

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