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Together, Alone


The Earth is dying. Climate change has decimated the Earth and very soon it will be uninhabitable by the humans that still call it home. However, there is hope. A planet has been found that holds the promise of a fresh start. A new beginning where humanity can learn from the mistakes it has made and build a new and sustainable future. The only problem is that it orbits our next closest star, Proxima Centauri, 25 trillion miles away.

New interstellar technology developed by the UKSP (United Kingdom Space Program), has made the trip possible but the journey will take 20 years. The UKSP have assembled a team of young professionals, all experts in their fields, to man the spaceship and report back that the planet will serve as humanities new home before the rest of the human race follow after. They soon find out that the isolation of space is rife with undiscovered peril.

This 6 part series was conceived, written and produced during the covid-19 lockdown in 2020 and is designed to be performed by a company of teenagers, drawing directly on their personal experiences and emotions of isolation and lockdown. The company was split into two casts that developed two entirely different storylines based on the same premise, named Starfinder-19 and The Phoenix. As such, there are two separate storylines with three parts to each.

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